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Our Roots

By Dusty Maxwell

History of MCSF

As I started back to college about 11 years ago, I knew the goals God had placed before me. My heart was in the right place and the passion was there to pursue the education God wanted me to get. Like many students, the one thing that was always a heavy weight through my journey was the cost. God provides and He provided for me on many occasions. It was with the help of several scholarship funds and individuals that I was able to take classes. Because of the generosity that I was shown, I was able to graduate from both undergrad and graduate schools without debt. Now it’s my turn to give back. I truly believe that this scholarship fund is a vision God has given me over the past 5 years and it is something that He is going to use to help students for generations to come. 

   I want to encourage our community and everyone I know to partner with us and help build this powerful resource for those who need it. Great things have already been happening with this fund and many are catching the vision and passion to help others through this scholarship. We are praying for individuals, businesses, organizations and churches to partner with our scholarship.  Most of all we ask for you to simply pray that God continues to grow this scholarship so that we can help many for Christ.


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